Earthly Arts Pottery by Jonathan Kesler
As a clay artist for four decades, my construct and intent for the creations of my hands and mind are simple. I am trying to bring into the world objects which impart a feeling and mentality of beauty.

The inclusion of the visual, how it enters the eye and so mind, is meant to suggest, without demand, a sense of balance, ease, and harmony; and thereby yield strength and content(ment) to the mind.

Though the work may be deemed “functional” in nature, it can morph into a presence which alters its environment by simply being. It then does not have to be “used” to function, and so becomes effective and affecting. This would be to yield change, and so be congruent with life.

The leap which clay offers, is the adroitness of inclusion by function and use, multiplying capacity. If I am good enough as a thinker, an artist, and a craftsman, I can build a bridge upon which beauty can travel and so begin a synergy. The mind seeks beauty. Simple beauty, which does not impose, draws the mind, which covets it so as to be aligned with and part of beauty. And in being human, therefore wishing to consume (make part of one’s person) and commune (make part of one’s mind/spirit) we attempt to engage (w)holy, and so then seek to take the object (vessel of inclusion) into our hands and hold it.

But life is in the doing. The work, containing the capacity for function, now becomes engaged with the motion of life and so by affects. Affecting is change, which is life, and thereby is (the work) inclusive to living.

To wit. . .

The more you find it to “contain” beauty, the more you covet it. The more you covet it, the more you bring it to your hands . If it serves to function, the more you use it. The more you use it, the more bound it is to the “event” of living. And in the binding of your awareness and the beauty you initially perceived, your life becomes more beautiful. And that, not solely from possession by the possessor, but also — and perhaps in greatest truth — from your own capacity to perceive the beauty before you, within you, and beyond you . This in, as, and on a simple daily routine known as living.

Such is my intent in creating . And, I believe, my purpose.

Copyright © 2020 Jonathan Kesler