Compositional Arts

This is a book of simple considerations. . . simple like gravity. It pulls on you, draws you in… toward a center you may not have noticed.

It’s like the “Connect-the-Dots” book you had when you were a kid. Each line helps to refine and define a bigger picture.

It’s a book you can sit on the floor with and dump out its contents like neural Tinker-toys. Straight, colorful pieces both long and short that can be linked together around the loci of potential and understanding.

It’s a cephalic Scrabble game with yourself. Small symbolic blocks of value you can put together as you see fit so as to glean the greatest worth that you can.

It’s a bevy of soap bubbles set adrift. Atom-thick surfaces you can see into which create isolated internal spaces. Places to rest in… and consider.

This book… it’s simply what you make of it.

K(no)w more.

Available now. 154 pages, hardcover.
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